— Skills of Economy

Beyond Politicized Economy / KUNSTforum 3-2014

Recent number of KUNSTforum published Beyond Politicized Economy essay written by Jussi Koitala in a relation Skills of Economy. Here you can have a sneak peek!

“Recently, one of the most popular models describing current neoliberal capitalism and the living conditions it has produced, is the capitalist realism described by cultural theorist Mark Fisher in his book Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative? In the book, Fisher analyses and defines the neoliberal condition as a lack of any alter- natives; capitalism does not leave room to conceive of alternative social structures.”

“Art is stuck in this autonomy/instrumentalization dichotomy. Both seem to be struggling against neoliberal developments and offer anti-neoliberal rhetoric for debating against austerity measures in free arts funding and nationalised social and welfare funding. Yet, that same rhetoric strengthens the image of a reality produced by the Enlightenment tradition, wherein the world is divided into specialized autonomous areas that can only be understood with specialized sciences.”